• Shareholding

    The Company was incorporated in October 2012, with share capital of ZMW 5 million. The following are the shareholders:
    • Mr Peter Majula
    • Mrs Ngao Chasaya
    • Mr Aaron M Kamanga
    • Mr Douglas Chilungu

    Board Of Directors

    The Board of Directors (Independent) comprises:
    • Dr Caleb Fundanga - Chairman
    • Mrs Eleanor Tembo
    • Mr Bright Ngoma
    • Mr Joe Kalonga
    • Mr Brian Chisengalumbwe
    • Dr Rodger Majula
  • Management

    A Plus General has brought together an excellent management headed by Mr. Aaron M Kamanga who brings 20 years insurance experience to the company, and underwriting team that is well respected in the local insurance market. Their combined skills in insurance company management and insurance underwriting, coupled with the Company's high standard of service and excellent reputation have given the Company respect in the Zambian insurance market.
    • Labour Relationships: 
    • Quality Control: 
    • Health and Safety: 
    • Corporate Governance: